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Halcyon Molecular

Halcyon Molecular is a very innovative biotechnology startup based in Redwood City, California, USA. The company was founded by Michael and William Andregg, two brothers who co-invented a revolutionary method of sequencing DNA by directly imaging nucleotide bases using high-resolution transmission electron microscopy. Halcyon Molecular is presently perfecting the commercial implementation of this technique, with the goal of drastically reducing the price of DNA sequencing to a point where everyone can afford to have their full personal genome on file and available for patient-authorized use. It is difficult to overestimate the ramifications that ubiquitous full-genome sequencing could have on the present practice of clinical medicine and medical research. The ability to improve our present knowledge in and approaches to cellular and molecular medicine, and to develop far more patient-personalized approaches to disease management, preventive medicine, and lifespan extension could be enormous.

Halcyon Molecular has built state-of-the-art electron microscope facilities as part of industrializing of their DNA sequencing process. They have graciously offered to let the Brain Preservation Foundation utilize some of these electron microscopy facilities to perform the large-scale imaging that will be needed to evaluate potential winners of the Brain Preservation Technology Prize, a sponsorship that will significantly decrease competitor's costs of competition. We thank them greatly for this generous contribution to the cause of whole brain preservation science and technology.

If you are an individual or organization capable of donating evaluation equipment or services to BPF, or funds to our Competitor Evaluation Fund, a small pool of money that competitors can apply for to offset some of their costs of competition, please contact us. We'd love to talk to you about becoming a BPF Sponsor.