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BPF is an all-volunteer run organization. If you like what we're doing and are interested in helping, consider which of the challenges below might fit with your passions and abilities, and drop us a line. We'd love to talk to you. Once you've been with us for twelve months, if there is mutual interest and you'd like to continue representing the nonprofit, you will become a member of BPF Staff. Some of our fantastic volunteers:


Ben ScarlatoBen Bechand studied molecular biology and Asia Studies at Skidmore College.  He now works at Albany Molecular Research Inc. in chemical development while pursuing a master's in organic chemistry from SUNY Albany.  He believes interdisciplinary activity is the key to creative thinking.

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Ben Scarlato Ben Scarlato is a student at Rochester Institute of Technology, studying Computer Science with particular interests in artificial intelligence and security. He enjoys forests and striving to be cognitively and physically fit.

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Brad Hesse is a student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, studying Biology. He is interested in genetic engineering and the use of computers to model complex biological systems. He enjoys reading, deserts, and being up to date on current events.
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Oge Nnadi is a programmer by day who writes Web applications for synthetic biology researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Labs. Oge is interested in human longevity, artificial general intelligence, and economic modelling.

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Volunteer Opportunities

We are a young nonprofit, doing our little part on a big task: incentivizing the development of technologies that will verifiably preserve the features of the human brain that neuroscientists consider critical to our memory and identity, and working to make those technologies affordable and available to scientists and the general public earlier than would otherwise occur.

We do this in the hope that humanity may gain not only much greater understanding of the human brain, and the ability to build better and more biologically-inspired computers, but also a reliable alternative, for our memories and/or identities, to biological death, a terminal condition presently experienced by 150,000 people every day, or 57 million people a year, a number which is expected to rise annually until at least 2040. Biological death is a monumental and largely involuntary daily loss of mental and cultural complexity for our species, and it is a problem, yet unrecognized by many, that now seems on the verge of solution. There's never been more people alive on Earth who might benefit from such a solution than at the present time, and science has never been closer to a verified brain preservation technology.

Let's find out if an affordable and verifiable brain preservation option exists, and if it does, work hard to make it available to all who might wish to choose it in coming years, irrespective of their means.

There are many ways you can help. Our current volunteer categories are:

1. Scientific Website Research, Support, and Writing
2. Competitor Identification, Outreach & Support
    Interested in helping with any of these? Contact Ken Hayworth
3. Advisor Identification, Outreach & Support
4. Fundraising - Major Gifts
5. Fundraising - General Giving
6. General Website Research, Support, and Writing
    Interested in helping with any of these? Contact John Smart
7. Multimedia Development & Design (Pictures, Video, Audio)
    Interested in helping here? Contact Jake DiMare
8. Community Management - Blog
9. Community Management - Forum
10. Press & Public Relations
    Interested in helping with any of these? Contact Jayar La Fontaine
11. Legal Issues (Prize contracts, legal research)
    Interested in helping here? Contact Alan S. Ziegler


If you are a self-starter who would like to take at least a temporary leadership role in any of these areas, and are willing to contribute 5 hours a week or more for a minimum of six months, engaging in monthly Skype contact with your BPF team members, we'd love to talk to you. After an initial six month commitment, you will have a better understanding of BPF and its team, an ability to renew your relationship if interested, and you will have accomplished something very valuable for the world.