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Open Letter to the Medical, Scientific, and Government Communities Regarding Brain Preservation – Agree? Sign our petition!

Scientists Open Letter on Cryonics


Philosophy of Mind Uploading

Killed by Bad Philosophy – Why brain preservation followed by mind uploading is a cure for death (Hayworth, 2010)

Overcoming Objections to Brain Preservation (Smart, 2010)

Uploading and Branching Identity (Michael Cerullo, 2015)

Personal Identity and Uploading (Mark Walker, 2011)

The Fallacy of Favoring Gradual Replacement Mind Uploading over Scan-and-Copy (Wiley & Koene, 2015)

The Ethics of Exponential Life Extension Through Brain Preservation (Cerullo 2016).


Technology of Mind Uploading

Electron Imaging Technology for Whole Brain Neural Circuit Mapping (Hayworth, 2012)



Structural neurobiology: missing link to a mechanistic understanding of neural computation (Denk, Briggman & Helmstaedter 2012)


Large scale computational neuroscience theories of the brain

Free online book Computational Cognitive Neuroscience

ACT-R      Example publication: How Can the Human Mind Occur in the Physical Universe? (Anderson 2007)

Leabra\Emergent      Example publication: The Leabra Cognitive Architecture: How to Play 20 Principles with Nature and Win! (O’Reilly, Hazy, Herd 2012)

Spaun      Example publication: A large-scale model of the functioning brain (Eliasmith, Stewart, Choo, Bekolay, DeWolf, Tang & Rasmussen 2012)


Chemical Preservation

High-resolution whole-brain staining for electron microscopic circuit reconstruction (Mikula & Denk 2015)

Principles and Techniques of Electron Microscopy: Biological Applications, Fourth Edition (Hayat 2000)

Proposal for a Brain Preservation Technology Prize (Hayworth 2010)

A Possible Cure for Death (Olson 1988)



Cryopreservation of precision-cut tissue slices (Fahy, Guan, de Graaf, Tan, Griffin & Groothuis 2013)

Physical and biological aspects of renal vitrification (Fahy 2009)

Cryopreservation of rat hippocampal slices by vitrification (Pichugin, Fahy, Morin 2006)

Effect of human cryopreservation protocol on the ultrastructure of the canine brain (Darwin, Russell, Wakfer, Wood & Wood 1995)



21CM (21st Century Medicine) is a company conducting research in the low temperature preservation of organs.

The Alcor Life Extension Organization is the one of the most visible and longstanding organizations engaged in cryonics, cryonics research, and cryonics technology.

The American Cryonics Society is the oldest cryonics society in the United States.

The Cryonics Institute offers cryopreservation services and information.

The Cryonics Society of Canada is a Canadian non-profit corporation dedicated to informing Canadians about cryonics.

Dignitas is a Swiss assisted dying group that helps those with terminal illness and severe physical and mental illnesses to die assisted by qualified doctors and nurses.

Edge promotes inquiry into and discussion of intellectual, philosophical, artistic, and literary issues, as well as to work for the intellectual and social achievement of society.

Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute mission is to bring careful thinking to bear on big-picture questions about humanity and its prospects.

Hoffman Planng is Certified Financial Planner Rudi Hoffman’s website, offering life insurance policies to fund cryonics. These life insurance policies could also one day fund brain plastination.

Humanity+ is is dedicated to promoting understanding, interest and participation in fields of emerging innovation that can radically benefit the human condition

The Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies is a center for voices arguing for a responsible, constructive, ethical approach to the most powerful emerging technologies.

KrioRus is the first cryonics organization established in Eurasia.

The Long Now Foundation is a very long-term cultural institution. It hopes to provide a counterpoint to today’s accelerating culture and help make long-term thinking more common.

The Methuselah Foundation is a non-profit medical charity dedicated to extending healthy human life.

The Machine Intelligence Research Institute exists to spur discussion on both the risks and opportunities engendered by scientific research into artificial intelligence.

The Society of Neural Prosthetics and Whole Brain Emulation Science addresses the specific issues that may arise when neural prostheses are customized to a specific patient, and when large scale neural prostheses lead to whole brain emulation.

Suspended Animation develops new equipment, techniques, and technologies to minimize the cellular injury that normally occurs after legal death.

The Swartz Foundation supports postdoctoral research in theoretical and computational neuroscience, integrating physics, math, electrical engineering, and computer science into our neuroscience theory.


Magazines and Journals

h+ Magazine covers technological, scientific, and cultural trends that are changing – and will change – human beings in fundamental ways.

Biological Cybernetics, experimental, theoretical and application-oriented aspects of information processing in organisms.

Biological Reviews, interdisciplinary, covers the entire range of the biological sciences. Cambridge Philosophical Society.

Biological Theory: Integrating Development, Evolution, and Cognition, Eco-evo-devo, cogno-evo-devo, and info-evo-devo relationships.

Journal of Evolution and Technology, a peer reviewed electronic journal published by the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies.

Journal of Theoretical Biology, a leading forum for theoretical papers that give insight into biological processes.

Minds and Machines, philosophical aspects of computer science, philosophy of mind, artificial intelligence, and systems theory.

Systems Research and Behavioral Sciences, theories, research, and models of common structure and behavior in living systems.


Websites, Blogs and Other Resources

Blogging Heads curates ‘diavlogs’ – video conferences where two ‘talking heads’ hold forth on their areas of expertise. A fun and valuable resource.

Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence is a community site where various authors expand on the ideas of futurist Ray Kurzweil.

Less Wrong is a community blog devoted to refining the art of human rationality.

Mind uploading on Wikipedia.

Joe Strout’s Mind Uploading Home Page.

Transhumanist philosopher Anders Sandberg has compiled a mind uploading resource page.

Futurist Hans Moravec on the philosophical issues surrounding mind uploading.

mind uploading resource page compiled by Robert Freitas at the Foresight Institute.

Open the Future is futurist Jamais Cascio’s blog covering emerging technologies, environmental dilemmas, and cultural transformation.

Sentient Developments is futurist George Dvorsky’s blog on the future of intelligent life.

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