Adam MarblestonePh.D., Director of Scientific Architecting, Synthetic Neurobiology Group, MIT

Adam Marblestone, Ph.D., is interested in developing new approaches to accelerate biotechnology and brain science. He is currently a research scientist and “Director of Scientific Architecting” with the Synthetic Neurobiology group at MIT, led by Ed Boyden.

In his doctoral work as a Hertz Fellow in Biophysics at Harvard, with George Church and colleagues, he co-authored experimental and theoretical papers on molecular recording devices, led engineering “roadmap” analyses of the problems of whole-brain structure and activity mapping, and helped create new genome engineering and programmable nanofabrication technologies.

Before that, Adam studied quantum nonlocality and quantum signal processing with Michel Devoret, leading to a new multi-party generalization of Bell’s inequalities. With William Shih and Shawn Douglas, he also participated in the early development of caDNAno, a graphical software tool for design of 3D DNA nanostructures, now the standard for the field of structural DNA nanotechnology.

Adam is now a science advisor for the Open Philanthropy Project, a co-founder of BioBright and a concept mapper for Expii.

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