Brain Preservation Videos

Below are a few videos we feel are central to the cause. Visit our YouTube channel to see more, and subscribe there to get emails when new videos are posted. Please feel free to suggest your favorites for posting to the channel.

Dr. Ken Hayworth, Part 1: Will You Preserve Your Brain?

Dr. Ken Hayworth, Part 2: Will You Upload Your Mind?

Dr. Ken Hayworth, Part 3: If we can build a brain, what is the future of I?

Scientists Make Brain Preservation Breakthrough (News Beat Social)

Ken Hayworth - Verifiable Brain Preservation (Interview by Adam Ford)

Chemical Brain Preservation

David Eagleman: Can a Computer Simulate Consciousness? (Big Think)

Daniel Dennett - How are Brains Conscious?

Michael Graziano - Can Consciousness be Non-Biological?

Sebastian Seung's Connectomics

Rodney Brooks - Can Consciousness be Non-Biological?

Christof Koch - Can Consciousness be Non-Biological?

Ken Hayworth's teleXLR8 talk

Untangling the Brain

The Logical Lifeboat

John Weldon's "To Be"

Consciousness, Qualia, and Self (V.S. Ramachandran)

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