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How You Can Help

How You Can Help

Would you like to help BPF advance its mission and vision
Here are four easy and very valuable things you can do:

1. Read. Start with our short open letter on brain preservation. If you agree with it, sign our petition, and tell us in the comments what you think. When others read the petition comments, you will help them understand the value of the vision. Support for anything new is built, at first, one person at a time. If you have more time, read our website. If you find anything you think could be better stated, or something we should add, contact us. We'd love to hear from you.

2. Connect. Sign up for our free biannual Connections newsletter. If you use Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, like our BPF Facebook page, join our BPF LinkedIn group, and/or follow our BPF Twitter stream. Use these to share relevant news, insights, kudos, and thoughts on what we might do next. Once our community grows large enough, we will launch additional social features and events. 

3. Donate. Give $5, the price of a cup of coffee, or more to our nonprofit, to help us to better execute our mission. Every donation we receive, no matter how small, motivates us to do more. You may apply your donation to any of five uses. If you don't specify, the donation will go to the General Fund. If you are able to donate $1,000 or more, we welcome you to join our Donors page, and include an (optional) brief statement about why you think our work is worth supporting.

4. Share. Consider linking to and sharing our website with others who you think should know about us. If you are aware of any distinguished leaders who you think would be sympathetic to our cause, please let them know about our Advisory Boards, or tell us who we should try to recruit. Grab one of our banners off our (forthcoming) Banners page, and post it to your site for a while. Get a bumper sticker or apparel from our (forthcoming) BPF store, to increase social awareness of our work.

Able to do more?

Volunteer. If you can spare a few hours a week, for six months or more, consider volunteering. BPF is an all-volunteer run organization, and we offer a number of interesting and valuable volunteer opportunities. The world is ready for a rigorous evaluation of brain preservation technologies, and if validated, rapid deployment to every human being who would like the option of an affordable brain preservation choice at the end of their biological life. Thank you kindly for your support.